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Interview with Dan Chandler, singer of ‘Fight or Flight’!

DSCN1310So which band were you in?

Evans Blue.  I’m still in Evans Blue.  Had a little down time to do this project.

So how did you guys come together?  I know you have members of Disturbed and Evans Blue, Ra. . .

And Bellevue Suite, which is more of a regional band.  Basically, Dan (Donegan of Disturbed) hit me up on Facebook one day in a message and just kind of introduced himself, that he was a fan of Evans Blue, and after that I was very flattered by it, like holy shit.  We had a couple festival shows after that, then we ended up talking on the phone, hanging out, getting to know each other a little bit more and we brought up the idea of writing a couple songs together.  It wasn’t about writing a record or starting another band, we had our bands, but I had some downtime and so did he, and I was like let’s see what happens.  It’d be fun.  He felt the same way, so we did that.

I had a ton of songs from a long time ago, not a long time ago but a ton of ideas that I’d built throughout time, you know, basic raw ideas that I sent over to him.  He sent me some ideas and then he took these basic ideas and made them into what they are, pretty much.  Made them so much better, polished them up, and I was just really happy he was into it.  After that, we had a bunch of songs, so we thought, why don’t we make a record?  Go in and do this.

We actually made the record at his place, at his house.  Did the drums at Groovemaster with Johnny K, and then went to Warner Bros. when we had the whole product done and got the deal with Warner Bros. and put it out.  It worked out.  The timing was great.

So is this side project just a one off?   Or are you looking at more? Corey Taylor does Slipknot and Stone Sour, is that what you guys are looking at?  Running both bands when you have down time?

I hate the word side project because I don’t feel that it is one.  We actually are taking this as serious as any band we’ve probably been in.  It’s another chapter of our life, it’s the next step, hopefully it’s the next thing, also, but we still have our other bands.  We have awesome fans in those other bands and we do not ever want to let them down, plus we love those bands.  So, it’s just like having two babies each.  We both have our own things and we have this together but by all means, there’s gonna be more records.  There’s gonna be, hopefully, a long future with this.

If we want fans to invest in us, we gotta invest in them and give them more than just a little bit of time.

Are there any particular movies that have inspired any songs from the band?  Not from previous bands, but with Fight or Flight?

There’s not any that I can think of off the top of my head that were inspired from a movie, but when we play some of the songs, like there’s a song called ‘Leaving’ on the record that every time I hear it, I can see a movie in my head, you know, I can play out that and I can see the movie and I’m hoping when we do release that one as a single that the video has a movie vibe to it.  You know?  Have dialogue before, maybe in the middle.  I think it would be cool to take it out there a little more.  Really get the point across.  The song is just so real and touches so many different people, people relate to it.  So why not take that extra step and make it have that movie type idea?

Oh, and the other thing that could be close to movies, our fans we like to call ‘Fight Clubbers’.  That’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

That was gonna go into my next question.  Favorite movies.

Oh, god.  Fight ClubDumb and Dumber is probably up there in the top three.  I’ve watched that too many times.  There’s so many good ass movies.  Snatch.  There’s a lot, man, there’s a lot.

Do you guys do any gaming, video gaming?

Me personally, I haven’t done a whole lot of it.  You know, with Evans Blue, those guys, total gamers and tried to get me involved but the second I get involved in that, I’d be addicted to it and I would not be able to do everything else I want to do.  I’d get wrapped up in it.  None of these guys so far, but maybe some of them do, but they didn’t bring their consoles out, so I haven’t seen it yet.

What are some of your musical influences?

Growing up, I listened to a lot of The Beatles.  My dad was a big fan, so I think my first impression, like the impressionable band before I even started thinking about music, when I was a kid.  After that, when I started getting older and started getting into music, I would say Incubus.  Their first couple records. Enjoy Incubus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself.  Really, those were big deals to me cause thats whenever I really found . . .I was playing guitar at the time and I wanted to learn how to sing and I wanted to get good and that was something that really hit me hard with Brandon.  Not all songs that are on the radio are the only songs that exist.  Let me hear these other songs that don’t get played; they are usually the best ones.

From that to Tool to, I listen to a lot of country music, believe it or not.  I grew up listening to country.  My folks listened to it.  And I like it, you know?  Not all country.  If it’s good, it’s good.  If it sucks it sucks.  It doesn’t matter what genre it is.

Aaron Lewis went from Staind to a solo record to a country solo record.   Has that ever crossed your mind?  Doing a country record?  Is it something you’ve ever thought about?

I’ve absolutely written country songs before and I have several of them but I can’t imagine myself singing them.  I’ve always thought of writing for somebody else.  There’s no rules.  I don’t really know what the future holds.  It’s not in my immediate plans to do that, but I can’t write anything off.  I don’t see it happening but, you know, I didn’t see this happening either.

Tell  me one of the craziest things you’ve seen on the road.

I got a crazy story!  I’m on stage and we’re performing and a buddy looks over at me and is like, hey dude, you have gas or something?  No, man, no, no.  And I’m jammin’. Then I notice the left side of the crowd over here isn’t moving or reacting, there just kinda watching the show.  This side is jumping around goin’ crazy, but right here, I don’t know what’s goin’ on with this side, can they hear?  I knew something was weird.  So at the end of the show, it turns out some guy on that side had actually shit his pants and took his pants off and left them on the floor and tried to leave.  They stopped him at the door.  He was naked.  At the end of the show they told us that was what happened, what the problem was.  Everybody was standing around shit and it stunk and that’s why my guitarist was saying what was that smell.  I’m like, oh my god, these poor people standing here in this shit smell.  We’re leaving after loadout and I see these pants and this mop bucket just sitting there and that’s the dudes pants.  I went up to the bouncer and was like, can you believe this?  He was like, this is the second time this happened.  I was like, two times?  I thought this would never happen.  Who would take their pants off and just leave?  That blew my mind.

Where’d you get your work (tattoos) done?

It’s called Area 51 Tattoo.  He reached out to me cause he wanted to make and Evans Blue colored ink.  So he was like, why don’t you come out to Oregon and get some work done and I did.  They make their own ink, it’s called Formula 51 ink.  They’re badass.

Dan Chandler ink

Thanks to Tom George of FiXT Publicity.

Thanks to Matthew Hambright for being my assistant.

Thanks to Josh, the tour manager of Fight or Flight.

Special thanks to Dan Chandler for taking the time to speak with us about Fight or Flight.


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