In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Elmore Leonard

elmore-leonardBorn Elmore John Leonard, Jr in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 11, 1925.

Died August 20, 2013 (aged 87).


Elmore Leonard, prolific author of of crime novels, has passed away from complications following a stroke three weeks ago.

The author of more than forty novels, Leonard did for the crime genre what Stephen King did for the horror genre; he made it respectable.  Leonard didn’t have a best-seller until he was 60, in 1985.  After that point, every novel he published was a best-seller.

With that success, Hollywood came calling.  Starting in 1995 with Get Shorty, there was a string of Elmore Leonard films in the cinemas, some capturing the magic of his written word, others not.

Selected Filmography Based on His Novels

  • Get Shorty
  • Be Cool
  • Out of Sight
  • Killshot
  • Karen Sisco (TV)
  • Justified (TV)

Leonard will be missed.  Let’s all send good vibes to his family and know that he won’t be forgotten.


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