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Is Snake Plissken going to be kicking Riddick’s ass!?

Kurt-Russell-TombstoneA while back, we learned that the James Wan directed Fast and Furious 7 was trying to get Denzel Washington to take a villain role.  Denzel turned it down, and now we are finding out who they are turning to next.

Variety is reporting that Kurt Russell (Escape From New York, Death Proof) is in negotiations to take over the role that was originally offered to Denzel.  This just made me do a happy dance!  (Trust me, you don’t want to see it.)  Ironically, I was just bitching to a friend about Kurt Russell not being in The Expendables franchise.  So, I suppose, if you can’t get him in one massive action film, get him in the other.

Word is that the role he is up for in 7 is a minor role that will introduce him for a meatier big-bad role in 8.

Ok, so can we all talk about how awesome Kurt Russell is for a minute?  I thought you wouldn’t have a problem with that.  The dude is an American icon, and I have no qualms saying that.  Just look at his body of work.  The Thing.  Escape From New York.  Tango & Cash (Yes, I like it.  Sue me.).  Death Proof.  Breakdown.  Tombstone.  Escape From L. A.  Poseidon.  Big Trouble in Little China.  Backdraft.  Stargate.  Soldier.  3000 Miles to Graceland.  Executive Decision.  I could keep going on and on with the awesome films he has been in.  Hell, the dude’s been acting steadily since he was 11 years old in 1963!

Come on, Universal.  Come on, James Wan.  Let’s make this happen.  Please!  We needs us some more Kurt Russell in the cinemas!!

Now, John Carpenter, get off your butt and make another Escape movie.  We needs it, like Gollum needs the precious!


2 thoughts on “Is Snake Plissken going to be kicking Riddick’s ass!?

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