BIZZAM!! Picks of the Week

BIZZAM!! Picks of the Week- September 10, 2013

Here we are again, another edition of BIZZAM!! Picks of the Week!!  We have some good stuff this week, so I’m not going to waste a lot of time talkin’ here!  Just make sure you click here to check out the Bounty Killer DVD contest I am running.  Also, if you have any suggestions for horror films for me to review during the month of October for BIZZAM’s!! Halloween Celebration II, click here to head over to my Facebook page and recommend them!  One more thing, this week there will be two Bizzam!! Picks of the Week.  This week’s and next week’s.  I’m going to start doing them a week ahead so that you guys have time to order through Amazon and have them day and date.  With that being said, let’s get this party started!

Music pick: Gemini Syndrome-Lux

lux-album-artwork-extralarge_1377029408699Yes, this week we are starting with the music pick.  Why?  Because this album is that good.  Click here to read my review of the album.  This really is an amazing album that I have been listening to non-stop since I received the review copy.  It is really a stellar album that you should pick up.  If all goes well, I will be getting an interview up with the guys in Gemini Syndrome next month.  Stay tuned!  Until that time, though, check out this interview I did with them back in April.

Sherlock kicks butt at John Harrison pick:  Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness blu

Ok, so I know some die hard Star Trek fans hated this film.  And they are clearly wrong.  This is one of the best films in the series, surpassed only by Wrath of Khan.  It is that good.  Read my review here.  Now, that being said, this release pisses me off.  If all you’re interested in is the film, then you’re golden.  If you want the special features, good luck.  Every retailer under the sun has a different special feature in exclusive packaging.  Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Target.  That really makes this a bullshit release, but you’re gonna have to pick your favorite retailer to get the film and you’re not getting all the special features.  While the movie rocks hard, this release is bullshit.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will rectify this in a future release.

Silly but awesome looking horror pick:  Frankenstein’s Army

Frankensteins Army blu

Ok, this film just looks completely bat crap insane!  Just look at the trailer here:

See what I mean?  AWESOME!  I just have to see this!  Also, the price on Amazon this week is super cheap, so there is no reason not to pick this up!  Odds are, this will be one of the BIZZAM’s!! Halloween Celebration II reviews.  Stay tuned for it, starting October 1st!

FREAKIN’ AWESOME 2 PACK pick:  28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later

28 later 2 pack

These are two of my all time favorite zombie flicks.  Yes, they are zombie movies!  To tell the truth, I actually think that 28 Weeks Later is the better of the two movies.  The price on this two pack is actually cheaper than buying the films individually, also.  So, with Halloween coming up and everyone having a desire to watch horror flicks, why not pick this up and supply them with quality horror flicks?

More horror 2 packs:

From Hell The Order blu

jennifers body buffy blu

Night Watch Day Watch blu

Mirrors Shutter blu

Wrong Turn Hills Have eyes bluOk, so the double packs above aren’t as good as the 28 Days Later/ 28 Weeks Later one, they are all half decent.  They all have at least one decent horror film, so they might be worth thinking about.

TV new releases:

Big Bang 6

Supernatural 8

Homeland 2

Video Game pick:  Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (PS3)

KIngdom Hearts HD

So, I loved Kingdom Hearts.  Wasn’t a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts 2.  Actually, never finished the second game.  I am somewhat excited to check this out, though.  Will be nice to revisit the first game again, especially in HD.  Now, if Square Enix will just hurry up with Final Fantasy X HD . . .

Well, that’s it for this week!  As I said, I will be having next week’s edition up in a day or two.  As always, click the link or box art to be taken to Amazon where your purchase will send a small percentage back to the site for the running of this article.  You all take care and I’ll see you soon!


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