Who wants to see Maria Brink’s bum?

Maria Brink, the lead singer of In This Moment, is posing nude in this new photo that was attached to a press release promoting the bands new single, Whore.  From the press release, she says:

“The message behind this song is taking back control. It is about taking the power from a disgusting and degrading word and turning it back around on the accuser. It’s about self empowerment, love, and liberation.”

“I decided to pose nude for the visual art for ‘Whore’ to evoke a raw vulnerable emotion. The word WHORE written down my back, and the dunce cap symbolize me placing myself on the stake for those who are suffering and I can only hope to encourage at least one person to find the self worth and love they deserve to transcend out of a painful situation into a beautiful one. It is about finding our power and taking a stand. We are resilient beings and need to realize our incredible strengths. I will not bow down to others perceptions of me; I will only rise in the name of art, love and music. “

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, I suppose you want to see what you came for right?  Maria Brink’s nekkid bum.  Well, here is the photo (and my blatant attempt to drum up views for my site by including her nekkid bum).  You can click it to biggerize it (yes, I know how that sounds):

In-This-Moment-Maria-Brink-WhoreOk, so after looking at the pic, are you still here?  Ok, cool.  Want to hear the song it’s promoting?  Have a listen here:

While I am not a huge fan of In This Moment, I find that they are starting to grow on me (yes, I know how that sounds, too).  They are actually pretty heavy and Maria Brink doesn’t sound completely terrible for a woman singing metal.

Source- Metal Injection



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