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Next Friday the 13th going found footage!?

Friday the 13th memeRyan Turek of Shock ‘Till You Drop dropped this little nugget via Twitter today:

Is this confirmation that the next film will be found footage like Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project?  Not even remotely.  This is just a rumor at this stage, so take it as such.

What is interesting about this story, though, is how rabid the horror fanbase is getting concerning this.  From what I have see today, everyone hates the idea.  Everyone except me, it seems.  I actually think it is a great idea and something that the franchise desperately needs . . .change.  If done right (which I can almost guarantee it won’t be), this could be a game changer for Jason Voorhees and the Camp Crystal Lake staffers.

While found footage is hard to do right, if it is, though, they make for some of the scariest films out there.  Friday the 13th has never been scary.  Ever.  They have always been slasher movies that go for gore and jump scares and were very effective at that.  If you could do something to actually make Jason scary, though, you would have something special.  I think the idea of a found footage Friday the 13th is nothing short of genius.  Of course, I appear to be the only one online who thinks that.  What do you think?


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