Movie Trailers

“When I met you, I looked into your eyes and saw darkness.” I, Frankenstein trailer

I Frankenstein teaser posterHere we have the first trailer for January’s release of I, Frankenstein.  It is not at all what I was expecting when I heard of the film.  This simply looks like another Underworld film.  Yay :-l

So, let me get this straight.  You come up with an idea that involves Frankenstein’s monster still alive and wandering the world.  You have gargoyles; living stone statues that can change between the stone form and human.  Ok, I’m on board.  But the best you can come up with is making Frankenstein’s monster and the gargoyles fight?  Really?  That’s the best you can do?  There are so many better options than making another Underworld . . .Of course, that bar is set pretty low, so topping it should be pretty easy.

Well, have a look at the trailer here.  If there is one thing I can say, it sure is pretty.  The special effects look pretty nice, and Aaron Eckhart is always worth watching.  Plus, this also has Bill Nighy in it as well as Jai Courtney.  Let’s not forget Miranda Otto and Yvonne Strahovski.   Maybe it will be better than it looks, but I doubt it. . .:

I, Frankenstein opens January 24, 2014.  Not a good sign . . .


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