Movie Trailers

“What the bloody hell are you buggers doin’ out here?” Wolf Creek 2 trailer!!!

wolf creek 2One of the scariest films I have ever seen is Wolf Creek.  Very highly underrated and unseen by a lot of people, it is a terrifying film that’s slow burn beginnings hide the true torment of the second half.  For me, it was a hard film to watch and it actually gave me nightmares.  Not a lot of films have managed to strike that chord with me.  And now we have a trailer to the sequel, Wolf Creek 2, and it looks good.  Take a look at the trailer here:

While there is no US release date for the film yet, it is slated to release in Australia on February 20, 2014.  Hopefully, those of us in the states won’t have to wait much longer than that to see this.  Word is that it is even better than the first film.

Damn, now I think I need to watch the first one again. . .


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