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Mad Max playing Elton John??!!

<> on July 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.Ok, yes, I know.  I should have went with the title ‘Bane playing Elton John??!!’ but everyone else is doing the Bane thing, so I thought I’d be a little bit different.  Sue me.  On to the story.

Tom Hardy (Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises) is going to be playing Elton John in the biopic titled Rocketman.  The film will start with John at age 11 and continue through his adulthood with his songs providing the musical backdrop.  It will blend the true story of John’s life with the more fantastical elements of his songs.  It sounds a lot like Across the Universe, just with Elton John songs instead of The Beatles.  Ok, maybe not so much like that film, but the fantastical elements have made me think of it.

There is no release date for the film, but it certainly sounds interesting . . .

elton john

Not convinced that Hardy con pull this off?  Check out Bronson and you will change your mind.  Absolutely brilliant film.


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