Underrated Actors

James Purefoy

James PurefoyBorn James Brian Mark Purefoy on June 3, 1964 in Taunton, Somerset, England.

Selected Filmography

  • A Knight’s Tale (2001)
  • Resident Evil (2002)
  • Rome -TV (2005-2007)
  • Solomon Kane (2009)
  • Ironclad (2011)
  • John Carter (2012)
  • The Following- TV (2013-present)

James Purefoy came to my attention in the fabulous Solomon Kane, and then more recently when I binge watched season one of The Following.  A handsome man, he exudes British charm and charisma, which is put to good use on a show like The Following where he portrays a serial killer leading a cult.

Just as interesting as Purefoy’s actual roles are the roles that he missed out on.  Purefoy screen tested for the role of James Bond in Goldeneye but lost out to Pierce Brosnan.  He was also considered for the role after Pierce Brosnan left, but lost the role to Daniel Craig.  Purefoy was also cast in V for Vendetta but left six weeks into filming.  Parts of that film actually contain dubbed scenes of Purefoy as V (he was replaced by Hugo Weaving).

Purefoy is one of those actors who has the talent but hasn’t managed to snag that big role to shoot him into the stratosphere.  I would highly recommend checking out Solomon Kane.  His performance is phenomenal.  Read my review here.  Read my review for John Carter here.




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