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The Frankenstein Theory (2013) DVD review

Frankenstein Theory

A documentary film crew travels to the northern part of Canada searching for evidence of Frankenstein’s monster.

Honestly, this film has one of the most intriguing premises of any film I have seen in a very long time.  The theory presented in this film is that the creation of Mary Shelley’s novel is actually based on fact and the creature created in that novel is still alive and living in the northern part of Canada/the Arctic Circle.  While the film is not terrible, it certainly doesn’t live up to it’s premise.

Dr. Johnathan Venkenhein (Kris Lemche) hires a documentary crew to travel with him to the Arctic Circle to prove that the Frankenstein story was based on fact.  He describes to the crew how he came to believe this, showing them documentation that Mary Shelley’s novel was a fictionalized account of his ancestor’s experiments.  By hiring the documentary crew and travelling north, he is attempting to find proof to save his academic career.

We've never seen this shot in a found footage horror film before, have we?  Oh, wait, we've seen it in EVERY one . . .

We’ve never seen this shot in a found footage horror film before, have we? Oh, wait, we’ve seen it in EVERY one . . .

Another low budget, found footage style film, The Frankenstein Theory is a movie with an intriguing premise and very decent acting that fails to live up to the promising premise by squandering it’s money shots in overused found footage tropes.  The camera stays very steady until something begins to happen, then all of a sudden you see nothing but the ground as they run.  Essentially, the filmmakers decide to go for ‘realism’ rather than show you what you have paid to see.  It is infuriating and so overused as to be stereotypical of this type of film.  It is an extremely frustrating style of film making that had run it’s course years ago, yet somehow manages to continue on.

The documentary crew continues up north and are eventually set upon by . . .something.  Is it Frankenstein’s monster?  Could it be?  From the cover of the DVD (seen above), we know it is.  Of course, we never get a good look at him, even though he walks directly at the camera at one point.  *rolls eyes*

Ok, that’s enough griping.  The film is not terrible.  I actually enjoyed it, for the most part.  The acting is very decent overall, and the characters aren’t the typically stupid slasher movie teenagers.  They tend to make intelligent decisions based on the environment they are in.  When you have no mode of transportation in the arctic wilderness, what do you do?  You stay with the shelter at night and hope for a rescue.  Sadly, that is also where the creature is stalking them . . .

With a little bit more budget, I think this film could have been something special.  The premise is so intriguing, though, that I fervently hope that someone becomes inspired by this film and either makes a sequel or does a remake.

** out of ****

BIZZAM!! Fun Facts!

NOTE:  As far as I know, there is no Blu-Ray available for this film, hence the DVD review.  That is a shame, as the cinematography is actually well done.  The scenery is simply splendid and it is a shame that it is wasted on a DVD only release.


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