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Best Worst Movie (2010) DVD review

best worst movieBest Worst Movie is a documentary describing the sudden resurgence of ‘the worst movie ever made’, 1990’s Troll 2, and it’s climb to cult favorite status.

Directed by Michael Stephenson (child star of Troll 2, director of The American Scream), Best Worst Movie is a loving tribute to a film that many consider to be the worst film ever made.  It currently holds the number 94 spot on IMDB’s Bottom 100 List.  while the film is considered the worst ever made, it has managed to find a cult following that cherish everything related to the film.  

The film follows Dr. George Hardy, a dentist from Alabama, who starred in a low budget film by Italian director Claudio Fragasso titled Troll 2.  Dr. Hardy has since become something of a minor celebrity thanks to the cult following gained from the resurgence in popularity of the film.  A nice guy, hell, even his ex-wife likes him, George travels the country to visit sold out screenings of the film.  With  giant smile and a definite people personality, George loves his minor fame and doesn’t bemoan the fact that this terrible movie is why he’s famous.  He only mildly regrets that he never became a real actor, though he does admit he’d leave his dental practice if given the chance to be an actor again.

I have never seen Troll 2, though I had seen the VCR tape at my local video store, years ago.  It was one of those films I just never got around to watching.  Until I watched this movie, I had no idea such a following had sprung up around the film.

bestworstmovie1What is wonderful about Best Worst Movie is that it doesn’t make fun of the people who love Troll 2.  If anything, it treats them with respect, even though some of them are odd ducks.  This also includes the actors, a couple of who are not quite playing with a full deck.

The real drama comes from the director of Troll 2, Claudio Fragasso.  This man comes off as a real asshat who believes that he has essentially made the Citizen Kane of low budget horror films.  He calls the actors idiots and liars and is essentially put off by everyone laughing at the parts of the film that he feels they shouldn’t be laughing at.  He really comes across as a piece of work, but everyone just accepts him as he is.  No one actually pays him any mind, and there is no confrontation.

I actually enjoyed Best Worst Movie quite a bit.  It is a wonderful little documentary about a small group of people who love and starred in Troll 2.  In fact, this documentary may have inspired me to see Troll 2 . . .well, maybe not . . .

*** out of ****

BIZZAM!! Fun Facts!

  • In Guitar Hero II, the location of ‘Nilbog High School’ was named from Troll 2.
  • Claudio Fragrasso is currently working on the script for Troll 2: Part 2.

NOTE:  Best Worst Movie is only available on DVD, hence the DVD review.  It is currently available for streaming on Netflix.


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