Wanna know when you can hear some new Machine Head tunes!?

machine head new lineupSo, it has been reported that Machine Head are hard at work on their followup to Unto the Locust.  They are also embroiled in a legal battle with ex-bassist Adam Duce.  Despite all of that, they are planning on releasing a demo and cover song for Record Store Day, on April 19, 2014.  Oh, yeah!  Here’s what Rob Flynn, vocalist for Machine Head had to say:

“I remember growing up in the thrash scene and always wanting to hear the demo version of songs. You searched them out, thankfully my buddy Jim was a big ‘tape trader,’ and through trading we had both Metallica demos, Exodus demos, bootlegs of songs sometimes ‘years’ before they came out.

I knew how to play every note of ‘Pleasure Of The Flesh’ by Exodus, easily 2 years before the record was out. I had Slayer‘s ‘Reign In Blood’ 3 months before it came out, I remember it still had the hi-hat counts starting the songs!! My friends and I would debate the merits of each, (the demo was always better, LOL!) It’s so much cooler to hear it BEFORE the album is out!

So we’re gonna do that for you. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this stuff. Then you can debate it, haha!”

He then had this to say about the status of the new, as yet untitled, album:

“The new stuff is turning out better than anyone expected, we had a breakthrough.

We had THE breakthrough, with the song formerly-known-as “Back From The Grave aka: The Moon Is Fuckin’ Full”.

We been recording demos with the string section that played on “Locust,” “Quartet Rogue“, as well as multi-instrumentalist / keyboardist Rhys Fulber, and to quote Lars Ulrich (who was actually quoting Robert Trujillo), “we’re on some NEXT LEVEL shit!!!”

With that one song getting finished I could totally see where the whole record is going. It opened up right there before my eyes.

Nothing short of Exciting!!!

So that’s the latest and greatest in Machine Head-land. Everything here is full speed ahead and we can’t wait to reward the faithful with new music and everything else that comes along with it!”

Rhys Fulber, who is mentioned above, has worked extensively with Fear Factory and produced Scar the Martyrs first album.

The tacks that will be available are a demo version of Killers and Kings and a cover of Ignite‘s Our Darkest Days.  Both will be available on April 19, but as of now it’s unclear if they will be physical copies only available at record stores or digital downloads.  More info as I get it!


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