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Forest Whitaker joining Liam Neeson for Taken 3!?

liam-neeson-demotivational-poster-1233739978Deadline is reporting that Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, Battlefield Earth) is in talks to join Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace for Taken 3.  So that’s the good news in this story.  Let’s discuss the not so good news . . .

Olivier Megaton is returning to direct.  The director of Taken 2, Megaton is not a good director.  His directing ability does not live up to his awesome name. . .

Right now, we’re not sure is Whitaker will be playing friend or foe to Neeson’s Mills, but either way, having him on board this franchise is awesome.  Let’s just hope they do something a little bit different this time out and not make another retread like Taken 2.

Word is that Taken 3 could begin filming as early as March, 2014 . . .


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