EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Sal Abruscato of A Pale Horse Named Death!! Part 2

APHND-Photo-Credit-Candy-LustNow, you’ve mentioned Sabbath and some of the ’80’s goth as some of your influences.  What are some of the bands that have influenced you?  The sound in both of the bands (Type O Negative and APHND) is dark and doom metal.  You also played drums in Life of Agony, which certainly has a different sound than the other two bands.

I wasn’t primarily a writer in that band.  I didn’t submit a lot of material due to the fact that I was interested in darker and it just didn’t fit with that band.  I think I wrote one song on the last new record.  APHND was about us getting back to what we really wanted to do.  Which was going back to that vein of creepy, dark, punishing kind of vibe.  Kind of having some kind of gothy element, some kind of rock n roll element.

We’re heavily influenced by a lot of ’70’s music.  You know, I was teenage in the ’80’s.  In the mid ’80’s when Sisters of Mercy came out, that was the stuff we were listening to.  Also, along with the metal, bands like My Bloody Valentine, a band called Curves from England.  They have a female singer.  Bauhaus, KMFDM.  All that stuff that was starting to develop into the ’90’s.

We were going out a lot to Alphabet City, back in those days, where there were a lot of goth bars.  So that whole scene was a big influence on Bloody Kisses.  The change in sound and subject matter.  I always liked that stuff, along with being a heavy Ozzy and Sabbath fan from like 1979.  I was into that stuff when I was like 9 or 10 years old.  I was into (IronMaiden.  I remember getting into Celtic Frost, all that stuff a little bit.  I’m kind of like a sponge; anything that catches my ear melodically, I retain it and cull some influence from it.

When you guys do your writing, are you ever inspired by any movies?  My site is primarily a movie site, so this is a required question.

You know something?  Anything goes.  Anything can be an inspiration.  Stories and movies inspire an idea.  It could be the news or it could be something I read or a personal experience that gets manipulated into a story that has threads to the personal experiences.  There’s no regimen.  It could be at a red light and something happens and there’s a start of a story.  When the Crows Descend Upon You was influenced by the first time I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds all the way through.  I had seen bits and pieces of it, but I finally sat through to the end.  The stuff hits a chord.  It’s so cool, the visual of the birds coming down on the girl.  It all of a sudden just became that song.  The crows descending on you, the birds coming down to take you.  Their coming to take your soul away; coming to punish you.  That story was totally influenced by an old movie.  I just ran with it.

Things like that happen.  Then things happen that could be experiences of others that I know about  Or something personal that happened to me that I twist up.  Imagination, creativity.  There’s nothing holding us back and I think that’s important.

Ok, I’ll hit you with one more question and let you get back to doin’ what you gotta do.

Yeah, we got to set up.

This is my generic question I ask everybody.  Tell  me one of the craziest road stories that you guys have come across.  With APHND.

This is going to be really boring.  I don’t know if I have any crazy stories from the road.  We’re so professional and tight that there really are no crazy stories from APHND.

Sal then asked Matt Brown, and Matt replied, “No, thank god.”

We’re all married and we’re all about the art and the business.  We don’t drink, well, I don’t drink, really.  The guys don’t drink much, except for one dude.  Like Matt said, thank god.  Usually crazy stories start out from something bad happening.  To be honest with you, no, there has been nothing crazy.  Everything has been good.  We’ve been lucky.


It was a distinct honor talking to Sal.  I would like to thanks Sal for giving me the opportunity to talk to him, as well as Jon Freeman for getting me in touch with him.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up A Pale Horse Named Death‘s Lay My Soul to Waste.  It was named BIZZAM’s!! Pick of the Year for music.

APHNDAlso, check out their video for DMSLT!



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