Blu-Ray Release Dates

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut is finally coming to Blu-Ray!!!!!!

Nightbreed posterYes, you read that right!  Clive Barker’s Nightbreed is finally coming to Blu-Ray this fall, thanks to the fine folks at Scream Factory.

While no actual release date for the title has been given, it is expected to drop sometime this fall.  The actual artwork of the package is unavailable, and there are no pre-orders up, as of yet.   

BIZZAM!!’s A Brief History of Nightbreed!

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed was a troubled film from the start.  Based on Barker’s novella  Cabalthe film was originally intended to be ‘the Star Wars of horror films’.  Instead, due to studio interference, the film was chopped up, re-titled, and 45 minutes of the film were left on the cutting room floor.  

The film was a commercial and critical flop, earning only $8 m on an $11 m budget.  What had once been intended as a film where the monsters are the good guys, it became a strange amalgamation of monster movie and slasher movie.  Barker said this:

there’s a corner of all of us that envies their powers and would love to live forever, or to fly, or to change shape at will. So, when I came to make a movie about monsters, I wanted to create a world we’d feel strangely at home in

Thanks to studio tampering, that vision was never realized.  Until this fall, when Scream Factory will release Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut, an extended directors cut of the film, utilizing the missing 45 minutes of the film.  Barker had this to say about the new release:

I had a dream about the tribes of the moon. They would live in a city called Midian and, though they were monsters of every shape and size, they would be the heroes of a movie called Nightbreed. However, when I made the movie, the studio was not comfortable with this inversion of the classic structure. They wanted the monsters to be simple-minded scare machines, while I wanted them to be the dark side of all of us, mysterious and misunderstood. Finally, with this new version of Nightbreed, which contains over forty five minutes of previously unseen material, my original vision has been realized. Come with me to Midian, the city of monsters. The tribes of the moon await us.

I have seen the theatrical cut of Nightbreed, and I liked it a lot, despite some of the problems plaguing the film.  I was actually one of the few people who saw it in the theaters.  Since that time, I have owned the VHS copy and the DVD copy of the film.  I have always been interested in seeing the extended cut of the film, and now I will finally have the chance.  I am super excited about this film.

Once I have a release date, artwork, and pre-order information, I will update this article.  Be very excited for this.


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