Movie Ruminations


child_eater_erlingur_thoroddsenOk, so those of you who regularly check out this site know that I push a few Kickstarter campaigns that I feel would be super awesome.  Well, today we have a new one.  First off, watch the short film below, titled Child Eater, then I will be back.

Ok, did you check that out?  Pretty good, right?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  Ok, so the filmmakers are looking into making this into a long form film.  Yes, a full film.  And after watching that short, with the mythology established in that short 15 minutes, I’m sold.  I want to see this as a full film.  A lot.  Ok, now watch the proposal video:

Sounds and looks good, right?  Yessiree, Bob, it does!

Click through here to read the full proposal.

They are only looking for $15,000 to get the film finished.  In the world of Kickstarter, that is not much.  If you dug the short film as much as I did, I think this would be a good film to support.  Be sure to click through one of the links throughout the article (they all go to the same place) and check it out.


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