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Sinister director to handle ‘Doctor Strange’!?

doctor strangeScott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) has become a hot property in Hollywood of late.  A bit back, it was announced that he would be helming Marvel’s Doctor Strange, a film many have been (im)patiently waiting for.

When it was rumored that he would be stepping in to direct, I was leery.  While I though it was a great idea, I though it was just normal interweb chatter.  Well, it now seems that he is actually directing the thing.  I absolutely loved Sinister (read my glowing review here) and think he will knock it out of the park.  I hope he will.  Let’s see how his next offering, Deliver Us From Evil, turns out before we start counting our chickens before their hatched, though.

Keep in mind, this is the man who also made The Exorcism of Emily Rose (not good) and one of the straight to video Hellraiser films (Hellraiser: Inferno).  Oh, and I suppose I should mention he did the god-awful remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still  with Keanu Reeves.  I’m sorry, but one great horror film does not cancel out a bunch of not so good films.  (I’ll be the first to admit that Hellraiser: Inferno was no where near as terrible as it should have been.  Of the straight to video sequels, it is by far the best.  Better than Hellraiser IIIeven.)

On the plus side, though, Marvel keeps such tight reigns on their properties that a director for their films is usually just a name on the screen.  So, there really is no way for him to mess this one up.  Honestly, though, I’m hoping that Sinister was his awakening and that he is actually such a great director that Sinister has proven him capable of being.


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