Paranormal Ponderings

Chapter 1: The Strange Case of the Red Lights

Puzzle box curiosityOn Sunday, I have to wake up for work at 4:15 AM to make it to my first store by 6:00 AM.  Usually, I try to get my son and I in bed by 9:00 PM so I am not dragging ass all day at work.  My wife works long days on the weekend, so me and my son went to bed and shortly after laying down, before we actually had a chance to fall asleep, my wife sent me a text saying she was on her way home.

I decided to go out to have a smoke why we waited for her to get home, and as we walked down the stairs, I heard the door unlock and my wife walked in.  After my son ran to her and gave her a big ‘welcome home’ hug, the kind of hug all parents know, we stepped out on our front porch to have a smoke and talk.

The 4th of July fell on a Friday this year.  That meant that people were still firing off fireworks on Saturday.  As me, my wife, and son were watching fireworks through the trees, I noticed something strange to my south east.  There appeared a reddish orange ball, moving very fast on a north east path.  As I looked at it, I knew it wasn’t an airplane or helicopter.  It was a fairly large light, not blinking, and making no noise whatsoever.  It wasn’t falling, but flying in a straight line.  As I watched and wondered what it could be, another appeared behind it.  The second didn’t mysteriously appear, but flew on the same trajectory and was only visible to me when it flew from behind some trees that were blocking my view.

I asked my wife if she saw that, and she said it was a plane.  I told her it was no plane.  There was no sound and no blinking lights.  It wasn’t a helicopter for those same reasons.  As she and the little one watched fireworks and could care less about the strangeness in the night sky, another ball appeared, moving in the same direction as the others.  This one acted slightly different, though.  This third one appeared to slow down for a moment before speeding off after the others.

As I watched the third light vanish off into the distance, I asked my wife again if she saw that.  She again said it was a plane.  I explained to her that we would have heard it and seen flashing lights.  She then said it must have been military.  Last I checked though, military planes and helicopters still made noise and had the blinking lights.  They also don’t move as fast as these lights did.  From the initial sighting, maybe a minute passed before they were all gone from sight.

After the last light disappeared, I came into the house and reported the incident to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

So, let me set a couple of things straight, before you all start blowing up my comments section.  I know they weren’t fireworks.  They were most certainly flying craft of some sort.  They were not flares, either, for the same reason they weren’t fireworks.  I explained above why they weren’t planes or helicopters.  I am at a loss.  I am not automatically assuming aliens.  When all is said and done, the three lights were UFO’s.  Unidentified flying objects.  I could not identify them, and an internet search turned up nothing in the news about them.  These were true UFO’s.  Not necessarily alien life.  Just unidentified.

*NOTE:  The weather conditions last night were overcast and warm, roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  After telling my wife they weren’t airplanes, I pointed out a couple of commercial aircraft and their blinking lights.  She asked why we couldn’t hear those either, and I pointed out that they were probably 2 miles up and that we wouldn’t hear them since they were so far away.  The lights I witnessed were much closer than commercial aircraft.  It was dark out, though, and I could not make out a specific craft.  Just the three spherical reddish orange lights.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Strange Case of the Red Lights

    • I hadn’t considered sky lanterns, but the way they were moving suggests this was not the case. They didn’t just float there. They were actually moving fast. While there was a breeze that night, it was not windy enough to push these things in a north eastern direction so fast. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Light spheres. I find it disturbing that NASA doesn’t elaborate on such phenomenon. I also find it hilarious UFO enthusiasts believe them to be alien life forms or alien drones. They couldn’t be. A drone wouldn’t travel in packs of sometimes 30 and they are to small to house a creature. These must be a creature living above us that we do not understand. If you research enough of these possible crop circle making spheres, you realize they tend to turn invisible when they feel threatened. They also vary in size. Age maybe? Not saying what you saw was one, just elaborating on the phenomenon.

    • There are many strange things out there, of that I am sure. Honestly, not all UFO enthusiasts believe them to be alien life forms. I’m still not sure what it was that I saw, but it was strange.

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