Paranormal Ponderings

Prologue: Introductions

Puzzle box curiosityWelcome to a new section of my site where I will detail all of my experiences with the strange and supernatural.  I know that some of you won’t believe what is chronicled within these posts, and I don’t blame you.  Some of these stories will seem bizarre and strange.  Some of them will seem unbelievable.  I can only ask you to read them with an open mind.  Everything that I write herein is a true story that has happened to me, personally.  These stories are not embellished.  They are written as they happened.

Now, I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “Why is there a paranormal page on a movie website?”  Well, the answer to that question is quite simple.  It’s my page and I put up here what I want to.  While I considered many options to tell my stories, including writing a book or starting another webpage, I decided to add this to BIZZAM!! because I have already invested a lot of time and effort setting this page up the way I like it.  In fact, if you really dig deep, there is a wealth of material already here, albeit mainly concerning movies and music.

Which partially leads me to this new category, Paranormal Ponderings.  My interests in horror films and heavy metal inadvertently led me to an interest in the supernatural and paranormal long before Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures became staples on American television.  Due to the success of those shows, though, I found that it is okay to tell your stories.  It is okay to have experiences you cannot explain.  And above all, it is okay to believe and search for the truth.  According to Agent Mulder, “The truth is out there.”   All you have to do is look for it.  You may never find an answer, but you are not the only one who has had an encounter.

So, I just want to say to you all, thank you for reading.  These stories are all true.  You can believe or not, at your own discretion.  If you don’t believe, I hope that I have at least entertained you.  If you do believe, feel free to share your own experiences in the comments.  There is no judgement here.



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