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UPDATE!! Rob Zombie is totally PISSED over article claiming he dislikes John Carpenter’s Halloween!



So, today an article appeared on MoviePilot which claims that Rob Zombie dislikes or disrespects John Carpenter’s Halloween, a film which Zombie remade.  The article states:

Zombie said that he felt the character of Loomis was more of a ‘dramatic tool’ than a character, and would simply “pop in when they needed something dramatic to say.” He also commented that in the sequels especially, Loomis seemed like he was crazy, and acted as if he was always drunk!

Zombie complains next that he finds it hard to believe that Michael would always find a similar mask to wear. “What if he stole a Jimmy Carter mask, or, you know, an Elmo mask, if that was the only one available at the hardware store” and – “when did he rob the hardware store? In broad daylight? When the alarm’s still ringing? Like, where is everybody?” He then went on to say a bit more about how much things like that bother him in movies.

Those are a couple of quotes from the article, verbatim.  Actually, Zombie makes some valid points in those article quotes.  The problem?  Zombie said those things many years ago.  Essentially, the article dug up quotes from numerous interviews over the years and pieced the together to make it look like Zombie is attacking Carpenter’s film.

So, what did Zombie have to say on the subject of this piecemeal article that has been begging for hits all day?  He said this, via his Facebook page less than an hour ago:

Who ever wrote this (Amy Martin) is a trouble making cunt. I love John Carpenter’s Halloween and John knows that. Why? Because I told him. In fact he was the first person I called and told about my film. He said he was cool with it. I actually said to him “if this is a problem, I won’t do it”. Simple as that.

I have never compared the two films and never will. Taking a bunch of things I said years before I even made the film to try and start trouble is typical internet nonsense. I never pointed out flaws in the original. I pointed out things that weren’t in the original that I could put in mine. Not because I thought my way was better, but because I thought it would be different. Since I figured trying to make the exact same film was sort of silly.

Here is cute quote from this bullshit article “I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise.”

Here’s a direct quote for you Amy Martin… “FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING PEICE OF USELESS SHIT!” Don’t misquote that.

BTW your article reads like it was written by a fourth grader.

So, there you have it.  Zombie is pissed, and don’t take everything you read on the internet as gospel.  Also, those of us who write for our sites could learn a valuable lesson from this.  I’m sure the site’s hits are going through the roof right now, but who really wants that kind of exposure?  You have just ruined the credibility of not only yourself, but the website as well.  Yikes.


From Zombies Facebook, again:

Well the bullshit HALLOWEEN article has now been mysteriously removed. Pretty funny. I guess she doesn’t believe her own opinions. Easy to spew fucking lies, but harder to stand behind them.

So, I double checked, and yes, the article has been removed.  So, if you click the link above to read the original article, well, it’s not there anymore.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE!! Rob Zombie is totally PISSED over article claiming he dislikes John Carpenter’s Halloween!

  1. “BTW your article reads like it was written by a fourth grader.” As the guy who wrote a song called “Sick Bubblegum”, Zombie certainly knows fourth grade writing when he sees it.

  2. Have you seen Zombie’s Halloween? If that script were analyzed using the Flesch Kincaid scale it would definitely be closer to 3rd grade level.

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