Celldweller drops new single, ‘End of an Empire’!!

celldweller-Klayton-Stilsuit_hires.jpg (1)So, I just received a press release for this new track from Celldweller, who I have heard of but kind of ignored due to the electronica aspects of his music.  Listening to this, though, it is more metal meets NIN and is simply amazing and BADASS!!

Thanks to the awesomeness of this track, I will be checking this album out.  From the press release:

Independent Artist/Producer Celldweller has released the title track “End of an Empire” for his upcoming new album. Out September 16, 2014, from Klayton’s (Celldweller) label FiXT, ‘End of an Empire (Chapter 01: Time)‘ features 5 new, original tracks along with remixes from Breathe Carolina, Comaduster, KJ Sawka and OCTiV.

The album is available to preorder here, as well as iTunes, and is streaming on Spotify.  It releases September 16, 2014.  Check out the title track here in all its BADASS glory!!



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