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“Good luck.” Tak3n trailer!!


So, here it is.  The first trailer for Tak3n, which will henceforth be known on this site as Taken 3.

Poor Brian Mills.  First they kidnap his daughter in Taken.  Luckily, he has a very unique set of skills.  Those skills were put to the test in Taken 2, when they kidnapped his ex-wife for his killing of everyone in Taken.  Now, he is framed for the murder of his wife and on the run.  WHAT?  They didn’t kidnap his second cousin twice removed on his fathers side?  I was so expecting that.  Instead, they create a film where the name will not match the film.  I can handle that, though. At least they are shaking up the formula.

Do I have high hopes for this film?  Not even a little bit.  Sure, I like the character, but the director, Oliver Megaton, despite having the coolest name in history, is not a good director.  Just look at Taken 2.  Ouch.  This does look entertaining, though, and we will find out on January 9, 2015 if Brian Mills can clear his name.  Check out the trailer here:

Click here to read my review for Taken 2!


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