Movie Trailers

“It’s not what you did, son, it’s who you did it to.” John Wick final trailer!!


So, this looks like an extended TV preview, not an actual theatrical trailer, down to the voice over guy’s voice over. Either way, this looks to be a bad-ass action flick that I CANNOT wait to see!

Where did this movie come from?  This was on no one’s radar until the first trailer came out.  I had never heard of it until then, and now it is blowing up.  Yessiree, Bob, I am intrigued by the return of Keanu.  Who wouldn’t be?

You know what I’m thinking?  Let’s all head out to the theater to see this, make it a huge hit, and then demand we want them to finally get around to Bill and Ted 3.  Let’s get that bad boy in the theaters very soon!  I can settle for some Keanu action until then, though.  Check out the badasness here:

John Wick opens October 24, 2014


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