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Davey Suicide- World Wide Suicide review

World Wide Suicide

 I wanna see your scars

All the skeletons inside

All the pain keeping you alive


Last year, Davey Suicide burst onto my music radar with his first release, the self titled Davey Suicide.  It was a good album that wore it’s influences on its sleeve and I was terribly impressed.  His newest release, World Wide Suicide, takes those influences and turns them on their head, and in the process, he has crafted a wonderful album that is head and shoulders above the first.  He has gracefully avoided the sophomore slump by making an album that is the best Marilyn Manson album that Manson never made.  In fact, I’m sure Marilyn Manson wishes he could make an album this good again.

I find that I dread calling Davey Suicide shock rock.  While his appearance and that of his band,  Needlz (keyboards), Drayven Davidson (drums), Brent Ashley (bass), and Mikey 13 (guitar) screams shock, the music contained on this record is more metal meets punk meets shock.  The difference is that they tend to be a little more socially conscious than the more recent ramblings of Manson.  If I have one problem with the album, it is that it may be too overtly socially conscious.

Then again, Davey Suicide seems to be taking up the mantle of the champion for the dejected and socially awkward.  The rejected,  The unloved and unwanted.  The misfits.  The children whose lives are at risk.  He seems to be positioning himself with a positive message under the disguise of shock rock to bolster these people and lift them up.  To let them know they are not alone.  They are not lost, but have a savior.  His music screams that to me.  He calls out the silly in the world.   Twenty years ago, he would have been speaking to me directly.

Started as a way of life

Save me from myself

Escape the pain and take control

World Wide Suicide

Teachers were irate

Suspending kids for wearing shirts with messages of hate

World Wide Suicide

One of the things I constantly find surprising when listening to this album or the previous is the lack of horror.  Thanks to the image of the band and the shock rock origins, I am constantly shocked there is no horror element to his music.  Alice Cooper, shock rock extraordinaire, has had a strong horror element running through his music for the last forty years.  Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie are steeped in horror iconography.  Perhaps this lack of horror and more real world issues is what sets Davey Suicide apart from the shock rock icons of the last four decades.  Perhaps it is a gradual changing of the guard, dispelling the cinematic horror with the horrors of our real world.  I honestly believe that Davey Suicide is the next big shock rock star.

Why do I believe that?  The music, most importantly, is not overly heavy.  It is heavy, but it is also rock radio friendly(ish).  It is not too light, not too heavy.  It could be played alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Gemini Syndrome.  He also has the social consciousness that will speak to the masses.  I honestly believe that when a few people discover this album that songs will begin to appear on mainstream rock radio.

I really, really like this album.  Whether other people listen to me and discover this record, I cannot say.  What I can say is that Davey Suicide has a fan in me.  I look forward to his next release, and this one just came out.  More is what I crave, and I foresee this album being in rotation on my device for a good long while.  Seriously, check this out.




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