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EXCLUSIVE!! Interview with Mo’Royce Peterson of Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond!!!


So, Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond (heretofor known as simply Tragedy, for reasons of finger cramping typing all of that every time) have been kind enough to send Mo’Royce to the slaughter and have him answer a few questions for them.  After being one of the many who watched their video for You’re the One That I Want, I reached out to their camp and conducted an email interview.  It is damned entertaining and I hope to be able to sit down with these guys in person someday.  Until that time, enjoy the awesomeness that is this interview.


1.  Can you explain the genesis of the band and some of your influences?
 I don’t know about the genesis of the band, but I’m definitely the Phil Collins.  We started thinking we’d be doing just a weekend of shows at Irving Plaza in NYC.  We had the idea of a heavy metal tribute to the Bee Gees…that would be funny for a couple shows!  But when we started putting the music together, everything clicked.  And here we are like eight years later releasing our 4th album and setting out on our 11th international tour.
We’re influenced by all the music we loved and hated growing up- Crue, Priest, Maiden, Loverboy, Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire.  Anyone with tight, shiny outfits and tons of attitude.
2. Where did you guys meet and decide that covering disco era songs in an 80’s metal style would be a thing of greatness?
We met on the dancefloor in the Meat Packing District.  I remember dancing in NYC 15 years ago and DJs finally having the courage to play Back in Black back-to-back Stayin’ Alive and people going nuts for it.  Actually, wait, that never happened.  What really happened it that I played those songs on a jukebox and I went crazy for it, along with some of my awesome friends. But, to really meld the two genres…that’s all Tragedy.
3.  Was there a Kickstarter campaign to get this band going?  As I spent a little time researching, I did come across a couple mentions of Kickstarter.
There was a Kickstarter for our previous album.  It was fun engaging directly with our fans like that.  But it was an exhausting way to raise money.  Next time we’re hard-up for cash, we’ll probably just kill Lance for the insurance money.  We took out an enormous life insurance policy on that guy.  Pretty safe bet that idiot will do something to get himself killed before too long.  Two words for you kids out there- WEAR A RUBBER.
Mo'Royce24.  This is the big question.  How in the hell did you guys come up with mashing Raining Blood with Raining Men?  It was pure genius, by the way.
Yes.  We are genii.  We have tremendous amounts of testosterone in our brains which makes us highly intelligent, exceptionally sexy, and prone to risk-taking.  We figured the audiences at Bloodstock (UK metal festival) would really love to hear It’s Raining Men if it were served up properly.  We were right.  Well, duh…we’re always right.
5.  With the release of You’re the One That I Want, you guys seem to have moved beyond a local act into a viral sensation.  Was this expected or is the sudden surge of publicity shocking?
Lance has had a viral sensation forever.  Doctors say there’s no cure.
We have been touring internationally for years.  It’s funny and a bit surprising that this is the thing that finally connected with a mass domestic audience.  It’s exciting!
6.  While the concept of covering disco era tunes in an 80’s metal style is an inherently silly concept, you guys have managed to make this work.  Initially, it is funny and seems quite tongue in cheek.  The more you listen, though, the musicianship and vocals are actually quite striking.  Do you prefer to come off as a comedy-metal act, much like Spinal Tap, or would you rather be taken seriously?
That’s a great assessment.  This band can make you laugh, but it can make you feel and rock the fuck out.  I think a big difference between Tragedy and Spinal Tap is that Tragedy’s music gives you a big range of emotions.  Tap’s music is all about the comedy.  The movie of Spinal Tap delivers emotion, the ups and downs, the reunion at the end.  That, along with the comedy makes it so compelling.  Tragedy seriously rocks AND is seriously funny.  And Tragedy is the opposite of Comedy.  Look it up.
7. Is there currently a US tour in the works and if so, have any dates been confirmed?
We’ve been doing satellite touring of the US for years…Northeast, LA, Texas.  We’d like to do more US dates for sure.  We’ll see.
8.  Before forming Tragedy, were you guys in any nationally recognized bands?  Or just local area bands?  Where are you guys from and how has the reception been in your local area?

Corn Mo (Disco Mountain Man) was on Jimmy Kimmel and in Polyphonic Spree for a bit.  Andy Gibbous Waning played with Jonathan Coulton.  Barry Glibb was a regular on The King of Miami tv show.  The Lord Gibbeth was in 25 to Life.  I shared a night of passion with Jack Black.  We are treated like gods everywhere we go.

So there you have it.  I would like to thank Mo’Royce for taking the time to answer these questions.  Thanks to the video below, they are extremely busy.  Do yourself a favor and pick up their newest album, The Solo Albums, by clicking here.  You won’t be disappointed.  Also, watch for my review of the album this weekend.


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