Strange History

Ghost woman of Mars!!


In a photo taken from NASA’s Curiosity Rover, we get this photo of what appears to be a woman standing on a rocky outcropping.  Intriguing, no?

Granted, it certainly looks like a woman standing there.  On Mars.  Without oxygen.  Is she a ghost from ages past, when there may have been oxygen on Mars?  I find that my mind reels at the thought.  Of course, what my logical thinking tells me, is that this is one of two options.

  1. It is a hoax.  The photo was edited before being released, or after.  Either way, this doesn’t seem real.
  2. It is our eyes playing tricks on us.  A trick of light and shadow, creating an image that our brain processes into looking like a woman.

I don’t believe this is proof of ghostly life on Mars.  I just found it an intriguing photograph that I decided to share with you all.  Below, you will find the raw image, without the blowup bubble to draw your eye.



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