Movie Ruminations

A Nightmare on Elm Street being remade . . .again . . .

Nightmare-Elm-StreetIt’s being reported that New Line Cinema is once again attempting to remake/reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street.  While it is unknown which direction this film will take, as it is still in the scripting stages, it is NOT a continuation of the 2010 version, which starred Jackie Earle Haley as the scarred, razor gloved nightmare stalker.

Rebooting Friday the 13th should be easy, as well as Halloween.  Honestly, those two franchises are about dudes in masks running around killin’ folk.  A Nightmare on Elm Street is a different beast altogether.  The personality of Freddy Krueger is what makes the character.  A demonic smart ass with a penchant for dropping one liners.  There is a humor there that was capitalized on by Robert Englund and he made the character his own.  How are they going to find that again?  I doubt they will.

While Jackie Earle Haley’s take on the character was very well done, he was the only thing about the film that worked.  The problem was, he didn’t feel like Freddy.  That humor just wasn’t present in his performance.

This film is being written by David Leslie Johnson (Orphan).  More information as it becomes available.



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