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“Every year on Halloween, this town goes batshit crazy!” Tales of Halloween Comic-Con trailer!!

Tales of Halloween poster


It’s no secret I loves me some Halloween.  Every year, I run a Halloween Horror Celebration where I review only horror films and do other horror and Halloween themed articles.  My great regret is that Hollywood doesn’t usually get in on the festivities.  The best they usually do is pump out another sequel to a horror hit (Paranormal ActivitySaw) or garbage that is meant to capitalize on the month (AnnabelleOuija).  It’s rare that we actually get something that is Halloween themed.  To me, it seems like a no brainer to drop a Halloween themed film in October.  Alas, that is usually not the case.  And it will probably not be the case with this film.

While this trailer doesn’t tickle my fancy like Trick ‘r Treat did, this certainly has me intrigued.  Ten short films, tied around a small town on Halloween night.  Eleven different directors.  This should be nothing short of intriguing and fascinating.  It is not often we get a Halloween themed film, let alone an anthology.  Of course, anthologies have been making something of a comeback (VHS, The ABC’s of Death), but the quality of said anthologies has been hit and miss.  Let’s hope this lives up to the standards of Trick ‘r Treat.  Early festival reviews are saying it is wonderful, but we won’t know until it releases on October 16, 2015.  Let’s hope it gets a wide release and is not dumped in 3 theaters and VOD, like The Houses October Built was. . .

On a side not, how cool is that poster!?  That is one of the best movie posters I have seen in a very, very long time.  I so need one of those framed on my wall!!

And if you haven’t seen Trick ‘r Treat, do yourself a favor and click on of the links for it and pick it up.  It is a fabulous movie.  One of my all time favorite films, not just horror or Halloween themed.


5 thoughts on ““Every year on Halloween, this town goes batshit crazy!” Tales of Halloween Comic-Con trailer!!

  1. SO stoked for this! Even if it’s mediocre, I still love a Halloween inspired film. ☺️ The Houses October Built was surprisingly not too bad for a found footage film.☺️🎃👍🏻

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