Gemini Syndrome unleash new single!! Listen to ‘Eternity’ here!!

Gemini Syndrome 1In 2013, Gemini Syndrome released their first album, Lux.  (Read my review here.)  I absolutely adore the album and still give it a listen now and then.  Clearly, I am excited by a new album being released by these guys.

Here we have the first new track off the new album, which currently has no release date or title that I’m aware of.  Take a look at the press release below:

To complete the whole, the halves must interlock, but not necessarily reflect.

Life’s full of these contradictory partners. Light and dark comprise a day, while sadness and bliss remain codependent. Gemini Syndrome exist in that space between polar opposites, equally representing heavy and hypnotic whims.

It’s a sound that fueled their 2013 full-length debut Lux, which landed at #3 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and yielded the singles “Pleasure & Pain” and “Stardust.” The record’s release saw the Los Angeles heavy alternative band tour alongside everybody from Five Finger Death Punch to Device and perform at festivals such as Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville, and more. However, Lux merely served as dawn.

After coming off the road in 2014, Gemini Syndrome underwent member changes, while confronting and exorcising internal and external demons—ranging from personal struggles to splitting with their label. However, its creative core Aaron Nordstrom, Brian Steele Medina, and Alessandro “AP” Paveri return with the new single “Eternity.” Produced by Kane Churko [Papa Roach], it expands their story with an ethereal hum, robust guitars, and a striking refrain. Following its premiere on SiriusXM, “Eternity” opens up the floodgates as the musicians continue readying music for their 2016 second- full-length.

Finishing the year on tour with Avatar, they’re welcoming the Synners back into their embrace once more forever. The whole is yet again complete. — Rick Florino, August 2015

Have a listen to the new track here:


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