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10 Questions with Rob Kersey of Psychostick!!

Psychostick1.  Back in the day, there was a band called Infectious Grooves.  I’m showing my age here.  As I’ve been listening to IV, I can’t help but notice a slight similarity.  Which leads to my question.  What are some of the musical influences you guys have that led you to the humorcore?  
Infections Grooves is awesome. I haven’t heard all of their stuff, but the tunes I have heard are badass.
Musical influences range from Pantera to Weird Al to Hatebreed to Beethoven. Since music is such a diverse and universal form of communication, you gotta get comedy in there. Somehow. It just made sense for us since we’re so goofy.
2.  As an extension of the last question, what are some of the films, TV shows, etc. that have brought you to this unique style of music?
Well, Weird Al definitely was a big one. The Simpsons is HUGE in our world, bits of South Park and Family Guy. Some newer-ish stuff like Parks and Recreation, Archer, and various other weird Adult Swim stuff serves as inspiration.
3.  If locked in a room with one band that you can’t stand, how would you handle the situation?  
Earplugs or headphone, video games, and if absolutely necessary, a board with a nail in it.
4.  If invited to tour with Nickleback, would you take the opportunity and why?  (And my deepest sympathies if that ever happens.)
Oh hell yeah we would. For some reason a ton of people really like that band. They’d all go to the shows, and we’d try to steal their fans. Like, literally steal them. We’d throw out some knockout gas and load ’em up in tractor-trailers.
5.  Clearly, there is a love for Bruce Campbell.  Tell me some of your fave Campbell films or TV series and why.
Oh, you know – the standard stuff. Army of Darkness, Alien Apocalypse, and his appearances in Hercules & Xena. Why? Because of that CHIN man!
6. Where are you guys from and what brought you guys together?
Josh and I (Rawrb) are originally from Odessa, TX. He and I ended up in Phoenix AZ for job reasons. We then met Alex there thanks to a newspaper classified ad, “Drummer seeking band” in the Phoenix New Times. After a few years of touring and some lineup changes, we ended up meeting Matty J through Billy Rymer from Dillinger Escape Plan.
7.  How was the reaction to your set at Dirt Fest? 
Crazy awesome. I love playing Dirtfest. The fact that the show that day was our 1000th show made it even MORE awesome, and they Dirtfest staff made us a giant cake shaped like my spikey hat! It was red velvet cake. It was yums.
8.  With mainstream radio being dominated by the likes of the dreaded Nickleback and almost as dreaded Papa Roach, how would you feel having one of your songs sandwiched between those two blights on the sterling reputation of rock n roll?
It’s fantastic and definitely a little weird. We’ll play radio friendly shows with bands like that and feel a little out of place, but once we hit the stage the crowds LOVE it and we LOVE them right back. I think it’s a refreshing approach too – seeing a comedic act in a lineup of radio rock tends to give us an advantage I can’t really describe. Love it.
9.  How good is Top Gun and Danger Zone?
As in, the movie? It’s good, I s’pose. It hasn’t aged that well though. There’s a bit too much Tom Cruise Teeth action – more than I remember. But hey, I hear there’s a sequel coming soon, so maybe he’ll kick a tire and light a fire or two.
10.  Are you guys considering or have you played other covers of ’80’s awesomeness?  I can’t help but think of No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper from Rocky IV or Burning Heart by Survivor from the same film.  Eye of the Tiger anyone?  Maybe I am having a fascination with Rocky IV today . . .
We have. Oh man, we have. There’s a giant list of goofy covers we wanna metal up at some point. That’s another thing I love about this band – we can do anything we want. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. 🙂
Psychostick IV


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