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Huntress- Static (2015) review


Huntress is:

Jill Janus – Vocals

Blake Meahl – Guitars

Eli Santana – Guitars

Tyler Meahl – Drums

The rise of women vocalists in rock and heavy metal has been quite pronounced recently.  While it is not necessarily uncommon for a woman to front a metal band, what is odd is that these bands are now tearing up the charts and gaining some mainstream support.  Amy Lee of Evanescence.  Lizzy Hale of Halestorm.  Maria Brink of In This Moment.  Those three bands are the radio darlings of the moment (ok, maybe not Evanescense anymore, but you still hear a lot of their stuff).  But what about on the heavier and scarier side?  Well, that’s where Jill Janus and Huntress come in.  With the face of an angel, Janus belts out on the second track:

Hunt you like a wild beast
Turn you out for my release
Craving your Flesh

What I’d give to watch you cry
Sister, I ain’t gonna lie
Unless it’s on your Flesh

Borderline thrash, with a sprinkling of doom and a whole heaping tablespoon of attitude and horror sensibilities, Huntress could perhaps be the next big name in metal.  And this album, Static, could be the gateway to their stardom.  It is an amazing album, from start to finish.

Huntress-Band-PhotoWhen I initially put this album on to give it a spin, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Yes, I had heard of Huntress, but I had never heard them.  Yes, I had heard of Jill Janus and seen photos of her, but had no idea what kind of metal I was getting in to.  I was instantly hooked.  While I have not heard either of their prior albums, Spell Eater and Starbound Beast,  I am now a fan thanks to the strength of this new album.  And this is a very strong album.  Very strong. This could very easily end up near the top of my top ten list of the year.  It is that good.  Which is why is was with some disappointment that they had to drop off the AvatarGemini Syndrome tour.  I covered the first show on that tour in South Bend, Indiana and was quite curious about Huntress.*

I’ve been rocking this album for a couple of weeks now and it hasn’t gotten old yet.  Heavy without going into that death metal territory, Janus and crew remind me a little bit of ’80’s metal.  Lita Ford is who came to mind, specifically, even though there was no particular reason why.  Iron Maiden as well.  Those were my initial impressions and as I’ve listened to Static pretty much non-stop for two weeks now, I still cannot place why those two bands popped in my head while listening to this.  But there clearly is something there that made me think of those two bands.

Static is another amazing metal album released this year.  I foresee this ending in my top top ten list at the end of the year.  Thrash, mixed with a little doom, sprinkled with a horror films worth of the occult and vampiric pleasures, and just a dash of ’80’s metal,  Huntress is a band to be on the lookout for.


*From their website about the touring changes penned by Jill Janus:

Two months ago I had major surgery and ever since I have been eager to get back on stage. On August 26th, Huntress played a sold-out show in Los Angeles at Loaded. The performance was incredible, my voice is strong, and I felt so happy to be back on stage. After the show, I had complications from uterine cancer surgery that left me in severe pain.

Although I am now cancer-free, I am clearly not yet healed properly. Due to doctor’s orders, Huntress will be unable to join the tour we were so looking forward to this September with Avatar, Gemini Syndrome and First Decree.

In one month, I will celebrate the return of my beast mode on the Motorhead Motorboat Cruise 9/28-10/2, as it will take one more month to properly heal from surgery. I’m so excited for the release of our new album Static on 9/25 and the amazing music video debut of “Sorrow” coming in a few weeks. Huntress will announce new tour dates soon and I can’t wait to meet our fans at many more shows to come! Sending my love to all my Creatures!


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