Halloween Horror Celebration IV / Movie Trailers

“There’s a situation. It’s serious.” Bone Tomahawk trailer!!

Bone Tomahawk poster

So, this film has just jumped to the top of my must see list.  And why wouldn’t it?  Kurt Russell.  Matthew Fox.  Patrick Wilson.  Richard Jenkins.  In a western.  With cannibals.  Yep, here is another western horror film.  Am I the only one that seems like westerns and horror films go together like peanut butter and chocolate?  Of course, there aren’t many examples of this newish genre, the only one that springs to mind right now being the underseen and underrated Ravenous starring Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle.  I know there are others, but that is the only one that currently springs to mind.

Take a look at the glorious trailer below.  The film will release in limited capacity on October 23, 2015.  While I never, ever wish for a day and date VOD release for films that could find their footing in the theaters, I find that I actually hope this gets a VOD release soon so I can watch it, as it is not the type of film that will hit big in wide release and studios will not take a chance on it.


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