Halloween Horror Celebration IV / Movie Trailers

“I’m in the Bible, if that means anything.” Red Band trailer for He Never Dies!!!!

he-never-diedSo, this movie has been on my radar since hearing about it.  Hell, once I heard about it, I started following the Facebook page (click here and go like ’em), in hopes of finding out about a Blu-Ray or VOD release.  For the longest time, nothing.  Then, they released an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a theatrical distribution (click here to head over and check it out), and now we have an actual red band trailer!  And, sweet jiminy Christmas, this looks as awesome as can be.  Here is the synopsis of the film:

Jack, a long-lived immortal who subsists on human flesh and avoids all emotional entanglements, as he either tends to outlive his friends or eat them. Jack is forced to confront his past when he meets the daughter he never knew he had, and must walk a tight rope of sobriety while trying to eat as few people as possible in a violent tale of personal responsibility.

Take a look at the trailer here.  And yes, that is Henry Rollins.  How cool is that?


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