Halloween Horror Celebration IV / Music

Heavy Metal Horror vol. 1.1

Horror is a very subjective film genre.  What one person finds terrifying, another finds hilarious.  One thing that goes together with horror like peanut butter and chocolate is rock n roll.  Black SabbathAlice CooperRob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson have all used horror and its iconography in their acts and have become icons of horror themselves, whether they have starred in film or not.

This year, I reached out to a few bands to find out their favorite horror films and why.  All are up and comers, but they all have a love for horror.  Sit back, have a read, and enjoy!

Family Force 5

  Family Force 5Hey this is Joshua aka FATTY from Family Force 5. When it comes to a favorite Horror Film, I’d definitely have to choose Night of the Living Dead (1968) as my favorite. Here are the reasons why:
1. The music and sound effects are epic. Every twist and turn is filled with something dramatic.
2. The movie is filmed in black and white – perfect for a horror movie. You know the blood is just Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup!
3. I love Johnny’s 80’s looking Michael Jackson gloves he puts on in the Grave Yard. WAYYYY ahead of their time! Let’s face it though…he got what he deserved after that talking bad about Church and Prayer! (He was the first to go in the movie!)
4. I don’t like any crazy psychotic or evil horror movies, I’d rather have some comic relief…which is why this movie is perfect (at least in this day and age).
One draw back…nobody seems to win in this movie. #SadFace
MalakiDave Gentry- The Shining is without a doubt my personal favorite when it comes to horror. I remember as a kid standing in the horror section at Blockbuster video and becoming so intrigued by that iconic “Here’s Johnny” cover with Jacks head in the doorway. Lucky for me I had a cool mom with great taste in movies and she let me rent it. It was the first time I’d experienced a psychological horror movie rather than the stereotypical slasher film. It was also the first time I noticed how much of an impact the music/score can make in movie, which led me to become a huge Kubrick fan for years to come.
The Flux Machine
The Flux MachineRaphael Sepulveda- The Conjuring.  I’ve gone through a series of horror favorites including, The Omen, The Ninth Gate, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, VHS and Insidious. The Conjuring left me with a lot of satisfaction, all the way to the credits. It was my first time hearing about Ed and Lorraine Warren.  I thought they were fictional characters, but the fact they really lived and that this movie is based on their accounts makes this so much more interesting. Especially since they worked in the production of the film as well. James Wan also directed Insidious (one of my previous favorites) so I had high expectations walking into the theater. I was not disappointed one bit! I appreciated seeing Patrick Wilson again on a leading role. He’s becoming one of my favorite actors for the genre. All in all this movie is a must watch!
Darkc3llJesse Dracman- Very hard to pick just one, but between the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, original Halloween or The Thing, I will go with John Carpenter’s THE THING!!!  In 1982, John Carpenter hit his A game and raised the bar with a range of intense movies to get you going. I mean, The Fog(HOLY SHIT!!), Escape from New York, HALLOWEEN!!! All backed by his own soundtrack. When  I first saw The Thing, I shit myself with excitement. With this movie, he didn’t just raise the bar. He blew it right off!!! The combination of a thriller to the edge, to the end script, special FX that still sets a standard today in my book, and his cleverly orchestrated soundtrack make this still a must see by any standard. Gore! Thrills! Intense! This movie truly leads by example on how a great horror movie should be made today.
UrnChristopher Migdalski- Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s as teenager I was getting more and more involved with practicing guitar to the point of obsession.  As my taste for extreme guitar playing grew so did my ‘Soul searching’ for the ability to write aggressive riffing.  This lead me down to exploring many different avenues involving books and movies that had influenced me someway or another.  The pinnacle of that would be the discovery of my 2 favorite Horror Movies: Hellraiser and Night Breed both directed by Clive Barker.  At the time these movies hit me very hard, further opening my imagination for creativity with pushing my ability with the 7 string guitar. In early 2000, I got the opportunity to record a very aggressive death metal album with my previous band.  After many months of recording we were completing the final stages of it and I was looking to tie it all together somehow.  I made the executive decision to use some short movie samples throughout the album. Being a huge fan of Hellraiser I loved the infamous quotes by Pinhead with his ungodly voice which would send shivers up my spine every time I would hear it.  This added the depth that I was looking for in the music adding so much life to the whole aspect of the album.  I look back and think if I didn’t utilize the samples I don’t think the music would have had the impact it did…..
Echo Black
Echo BlackRob Gnarly- Horror movies have been a very important part of my life, so it is incredibly difficult to pick just one. I have found that both the overall state of horror cinema as well as my personal preferences are constantly evolving, so to pick one horror movie as my favorite is far too difficult. There is one that stands out in my mind that I feel every horror movie fan should see in at least check out is HP Lovecraft’s Re-Animator.

Re-Animator is a quintessential staple for any horror movie fan. It is based off of the classic HP Lovecraft short story, “Herbert West: Reanimator” and comes packed with enough dark humor, old school gore, and over the top execution to make anyone interested regardless of how much they love horror movies. The story follows a scientist named Herbert West who has discovered the key to bringing life back into dead creatures as well as humans. The movie follows West as he begins his initial human testing that frequently ends up poorly. If you like slasher films, zombie films, or any of the silly campy horror movies of the 80s, then you are already missing out. PSST….look it up on Youtube. The last time I checked, this was the only location to view the complete uncut version of the film outside of Germany. It really gives you the best version of the entire tale. The sequel is worth a laugh or two as well.
There you have it.  Vol. 1.1 of Heavy Metal Horror.  Vol. 1.2 will follow within the next couple days.

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