Halloween Horror Celebration IV / Music

Heavy Metal Horror vol. 1.2

Horror is a very subjective film genre.  What one person finds terrifying, another finds hilarious.  One thing that goes together with horror like peanut butter and chocolate is rock n roll.  Black SabbathAlice CooperRob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson have all used horror and its iconography in their acts and have become icons of horror themselves, whether they have starred in film or not.

This year, I reached out to a few bands to find out their favorite horror films and why.  All are up and comers, but they all have a love for horror.  Sit back, have a read, and enjoy!

Fair warning, near the end of the article, I had a few formatting issues that I could not rectify.  Personally, I didn’t feel that those issues would stop the enjoyment of the article.  Happy Halloween!


Darling Down

DD_Promo_PicRyan Hudson- Fav horror movie of all time is ‘Psycho’.  To me ‘Psycho’ represents a true horror film. Hitchcock delivered a well-planned and expertly executed story that ads all the elements required to keep you on the edge of your seat. Granted, when this was released my parents were children so there leaves little to be desired in the way of technological advances (like High Definition). But for a 1960’s movie that I had to watch in college film class, I was very impressed with it. Filming in Black and White was the only option then, however watching it recently I feel that it added another element of suspense to it especially seeing the different shades of blood wash down the drain. Way to go Norman, Mother would be proud!

Fire From The Gods

IMG_5996AJ Channer- Nightmare on Elm Street films.  It scared the living shit out of me. The origin story was really gnarly and as far as slasher films go it was pretty innovative. The glove is iconic! Every installment of the series had something new. The Halloween and Friday The 13th series’ were awesome but Freddy had a different swag to him plus he said really foul shit lol. He was just chasing people with a big knife. How do you evade some chasing you in your dream?! Pure genius plus it was nightmarishly scary.

New Disorder

ND1Ivano Adam- The Exorcist!!  Well, it has made the history of the Horror Genre since it was published, and it deals with a true story, which has really literally struck us!! The fact that a girl as the leading character could possibly shrink in such a bad state as shown in the movie makes it our favourite one – and not only ours!!

Every Hour Kills

EveryHourKills_Promo2015Brent Stutsky- Trick Or Treat.  Heavy metal aaaaaand satanic imagery, that’s why I fucking love the movie! The year is 1986 and the PMRC have recently formed and seem to have a proverbially stick up their ass surrounding metal, rap, pop, music etc. Anyone remember Dee Snider in court speaking on behalf of metal heads across the nation? Thanks Dee! 1986 was a big year for metal, and the timing was right for Charles Martin Smith and Rhet Topham to provide us with this great movie that throws a large middle finger in the air to music censorship, as they create the perfect anti-hero in Sammi Curr.

Skippy (Marc Price) from Family Ties is the main character Ragman, and he gives a stellar performance as a downtrodden outcast with a love for all things metal. I challenge any fan of metal growing up and going to high school in the eighties to not identify with some of the first few scenes, and how we feel for Ragman. Enter Sammi Curr, the perfect example and poster boy for what the PMRC rallied against, and he’s AWESOME! Part cartoon and part demon, he fights against the preppies and jocks, and threatens to “nail them all”. Sammi also finds time to get his rocks off with a little chippy in the backseat of a car parked in the woods, probably past her curfew. In this scene, she puts headphones on with a Ragman mix tape in the, yes you guessed it, Sony walkman. The ghostly apparition of Sammi gets into some heavy petting while the music plays, and then her ears melt! It’s awesome, and kind of a hot scene if you ask me, even though she’s got the eighties feather do (more like a don’t) and not overly ample bosom. We could have done without the really lame demon costume as he comes to climax, but it’s all in good fun. Love the friendship between Sammi and Ragman, even though Sammi meets an untimely demise early in the movie. I also really like that we get to live out some fantasies that we’ve all had about getting revenge on those who’ve bullied us, or told us we didn’t like the right kind of music. Sammi does get a little out of hand towards the end though, and goes a little “Columbine” at the high school dance. You just have to watch it, and see how it all plays out!
Lot’s of great 80’s fashion in this flick and a soundtrack dripping with oohwee, gooey,  cheesy goodness from Fastway. Again, it’s all in good fun, and hard to not air guitar or sing along to every lyric of Trick or Treat or Tear Down the Walls after a couple of screenings this classic. I also really dig that they included Gene Simmons as the local radio DJ, as Ozzy as one of  heavy metal’s demonizers. I think it gives the movie a little bit more street cred, and who doesn’t love watching Ozzy fumble through lines on the big screen? He hams it up really well, it’s pretty tongue in cheek, and fun to watch. All in all, my favourite horror movie of all time, and a lot like going back in time to when VHS ruled the roost. They used to fine me at the local video store for not rewinding their copy of Trick Or Treat, and it was always stopped and not rewound right after the sex scene, go figure?
! still re-watch it every year around Halloween, and love it!
For more info and reviews on this movie and all things horror, sleaze, gore and the like, check out The Church of the Splatter Day Saints at splatterday.com Spreading cinematic syphilis since 2012!

 September Mourning

SeptMrn-586_v2_largeSeptember- One of my favorite horror movies of all time is Scream. It was one of the first horror films I ever watched which is probably why it left such an impression on me …  Well that and the fact that Wes Craven is so incredibly awesome! Scream gives the audience the perfect blend of tongue in cheek comedy combined with gore and suspense. A very hard thing to do well. The actors are all amazing, the plot has a realistic twist to it but still plays into fantasy and it keeps you glued to the screen the entire time. I think I have seen the franchise over a dozen times… Oh yeah and I know I’ve said this but Wes Craven is a legend!
Gemini Syndrome

GS_BAND_EternityAaron Nordstrom-  Of all my favorite horror movies, I need to pick two. The first would be “IT”. I remember seeing this for the first time in junior high at a friends house. Lights off. Storm happening. We were legitimately scared. Not to say that I am afraid of clowns but the movie really had some creep value to it and I will never forget that.

Candyman“. This scared and scarred me. Not only was it based in my home of Chicago, but bees. I hate bees. They terrify me. A whole lot. That dude was the creepiest villain of all time in my mind.

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